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Search Engine Optimising

SEO = Search Engine Optimising
Website optimisation is a process which when approached professionally will result in more conversions or sales as you will be found on the keywords relevant to your business/service. 
Our service:
- Optimise your website making it easier for search engines to read
- Change the structure
- Submit to suitable search engines and directories 

What we do not do:
- Use popular words to get a "quick result" as irrelevant traffic does not convert to sales.
- Submit you to search engines which are not suitable for your product
- Use link farms to try and fool Google - such practices will get you banned
- Promise to get you number one in Google, those who do are talking about paid advertising

What you can do:
As you know your business best then your own input will result in the best possible benefit from SEO however we realise that not all clients have spare time or capacity to commit to this. In which case our own writers can re-write and add appropriate keyword rich text. We do need full rein to do this but its done in a professional manner and can always be edited to suit. We have proven experience with lasting results. Send an email or phone us to enquire.